Back in June I did the illustration of the floatplane you see above.

That’s a an Air Tractor AT-802F FireBoss. I’m slightly in love with their purposeful design, ruggedness, and practicality. And hey, I just love planes.

I saw (a larger, clearer version of) this epic photo of FireBoss water bombers filling up on a lake.

So I put together my FireBoss illustration and posted it on Instagram. (The plane is by Pedro Caparros, who makes some rare and unique planes.)

My IG post:


In that post I said that the plane in the illustration should ‘probably be a different floatplane’. What I meant was something like a Beaver, or Norseman, or Piper or any number of other floatplanes I saw when I was a kid living near Lake of the Woods in Northwestern Ontario.

There was something pretty awesome about seeing a floatplane land on the water, float over to the dock, watching the pilot get out…and seeing her walk across to Safeway to get groceries. Definitely a unique experience in my life.

But during the almost-decade I spent in NW Ontario I saw a lot of single engine planes flying over stark and beautiful Canadian Shield country. I did my best to replicate that landscape in my illustration.


(While I’ve always been happy with the overall feel of the final result here, when I made the illustration I had no real idea of just how HUGE the AirTractor 802 is. It’s actually pretty enormous. So the comparative scale of the dock and the plane is all wrong. Oops.)

Anyway, this morning I got an email saying that one of my favourite Poser prop/figure artists, 2nd World, released a floatplane.

For reasons that I probably don’t have to explain, I really dig his choice of landscape and overall scene in his illustration below. 😉

Hmm. I wonder what my “FireBoss” illo would look like if I swapped in a little Cessna 172 floatplane.

We shall see!

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