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Eyes are difficult. But I’m getting there.

In other news, amongst all the other things I want/need/have to accomplish, I need to learn Blender. The consumer and professional 3D worlds are converging in the common world and language of Blender, which is exciting.

I’ve been saying for years (at least two, maybe three or more?) that I need to learn to model my own stuff. Kitbashing is fun, but I have learned that it really pisses some people off — mostly the “pure model gatekeepers” who either can’t or won’t kitbash using existing models and feel no one else should either because it’s OHSOWRONG — but also some of the model makers whose items I’ve plundered for parts. How dare someone purchase their stuff and parts of it to be creative? *clutches pearls* Gasp, horror.

Sarcastic asides aside, we know now that multitasking is a load of hot nonsense. One person dividing her attention between three tasks has, logically, allotted only 33% of herself to each task, or has allotted only 33% of her available time to each task. Both. Multitasking has only ever been a way to try to get more work from workers, for less money and… Oops, how did this soapbox get under my feet?

My point is, dividing my attention even more than it is at any given moment isn’t going to help me get anything done. Sometimes my brain really is like a squirrel on meth, so maybe just one intense, focused task at a time, hm?

Speaking of…


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