Hello and welcome to the future. Please keep all limb items and nogginses inside the velociconveyance at all times.

Well, 2019 ended with (what I thought were) nasty computer problems that were going to permanently sideline my Mac. Turns out it may have been add-on RAM that started to fail after several years of constant use — as well as some problems created (and as yet not fixed) by Apple.

But here we are after RAM removal, reinstalls, and restores. Unfortunately, I did lose some programs/apps I never thought I’d lose — *headdesk* — so we’re starting 2020 by giving in and subscribing to Adobe’s ecosystem.

For the record, I hate subscriptions. I hate in-app purchases. It all adds up way too fast, to far too much, often for many features you won’t likely use. Not just in the case of Adobe. Given the plan I signed up for, it seems like an okay deal, compared with what I’d have shelled out for, ten years ago.

I will rant about movie/TV streaming services, though. We currently subscribe to three. Admittedly, one is currently free — it came with our new phones. But how many others are there? How much can we actually watch? What the streaming services have essentially done is take us back twenty years, to the days of Cable TV…giving us ten quargnillion channels…that we don’t (can’t) watch. For a convenient monthly fee. Ugh.

Anyway, I kind of need Lightroom, I’ve used it for years and years (and maybe more years than that). My old edition was getting long in the tooth, wasn’t being updated, and… got nuked when I reinstalled macOS. So here we are, after a month of not being able to properly work, jumping on board the Creative Cloud train.

If you’ve read this far, thank you for reading.

Also, Happy New Year. Here’s to excitement, and adventure, and really wild things.

May light increase. Peace!

(And let’s all try not to be Marvins this year, eh?)

Yeah. Hey Marvin! Come on over we’ve got a job for you!

I won’t enjoy it.

Oh yes you will, there’s a whole new life stretching out in front of you!

Oh, not another one.

Will you shut up and listen? This time there’s gonna be excitement, and adventure, and really wild things!

Sounds awful. 

From “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, by Douglas Adams

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